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SUNCHEN Electronic Company, established since 2000 until now, has been endeavoring to have technical innovation and breakthrough in the territory of R&D. In order to meet the diverse demands, we accept special orders from individual clients and design as requested; moreover, we thoughtfully take the latest technical elements into consideration on the products.

The original design by the creator is kept, new ideas, as well, is devoted to the products. We give great commitments to our clients with sincerity and reliability, completing each order with strict business moral. Through our continuous efforts and our conscientious, reliable services, we have always won the trust from our customers.

As to our quality control, it is under constant surveillance by our professional engineers, and the most accurate tests are performed to ensure the stability and zero-waste on the products.

SUNCHEN, as a very specialized Electronic Company, we have very rich experiences on the single-chip microcomputer control, mechanical and electronical integration, programming, and hardware manufacturing, we offer the products with all-inclusive specialization techniques from planning, designing, developing, manufacturing, product testing, and delivery. Our rapid integration on the performing orders helps our customers shorten the time of product development and increase international competitiveness, as which is known to take very important part in the growth of a country's economic; based on this, we strive to root and advance on the automation and look forward to the pleasure to offer you our best service and techniques, wishing to usher in a new automation era with you!